Monday, July 6, 2009

We are seeking for Angel Investors

We are a startup software company based in Surrey, BC Canada. We have developed a fully integrated end-to-end IT management solution that offers the functionalities needed to effectively run an IT organization. This solution helps minimize the cost of running an IT department, ensures better management of IT assets, simplifies contract licenses and vendor relations, ensures that critical problems and issues are addressed in a timely manner, optimizes the use of IT resource time, help organizations meet industry best practice requirements like ITIL, and provide a simple and easy way to create Business Continuity Plans. Since this is an integrated solution, organizations can save as much as 70%-80% in license fees compared to purchasing them separately. Our product can also help organizations meet industry best practice requirements like ITIL.

Our product has already been developed, beta-tested and installed on one of the largest retail conglomerates in the Southeast Asia Pacific region. We are also in the process of establishing partnerships with various software resellers in North America and Southeast Asia Pacific regions. Our sources of revenue will be coming from software sales, annual license fees, implementation, training and consultation fees. Our software is also designed as a hosted application that can be offered to clients who prefer to subscribe to services rather than install and maintain the system themselves. Additional revenue can be collected from client subscription fees.

We are seeking at least 5 million USD in funding to be used for commercialization, global marketing campaign and hiring of sales and support staff. This amount will help us build a strong infrastructure and resources to be able to position ourselves ahead of our competitors which currently is very minimal at this stage. That's why we need to act fast before they can catch up. Our exit strategy is potentially going IPO or getting acquired by software giants like Microsoft or Google. This is an equity based ownership so please respond only if you are a serious investor. Include your contact information and email address so we can respond accordingly. You may also visit our website and view the whitepaper section at

Manny R. MasongsongChairman and CEO
Basilica Software Corporation
Scottsdale Square Business Centre
7164-120th Street (Scott Road)
Surrey, British Columbia
Canada V3W 3M8
Tel. 1.604.592.8338
Fax. 1.604.507.8044
Mobile 1.778.838.3777